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 → 5830 series rotor induction motor
 → Rotor induction motor 9457 series
 → Rotor induction motor 13580
 → 7252 series switch outside the stator and rotor
 → Outside the switch 9268 series rotor
 → Shaded pole motor stator and rotor 4924 Series
 → 58 Series shaded pole motor stator and rotor
 → 6333.18 series shaded pole motor stator and rotor
 → 5428.7 series string pole motor stator and rotor
 → String-pole stator and rotor motor 6439 series
 →String-pole stator and rotor motor 76.245.7 Series
 → Other series
    Shenzhen HESHENGFA Precision Metal Co., Ltd.Has advanced production and testing equipment; skilled, experienced production management team, led by motor accessories; professional production and sales of metal parts, metal materials, electronic products, precision cavity mold, mold standard parts, the production of the product can be widely used in household appliances, transport and so on.     The company has passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification, and strict implementation of quality management system approach, technically, "the pursuit of excellence, excellence"; to "meet customer requirements, to achieve customer satisfaction" as the goal.
Shenzhen HESHENGFA Precision Metal Co., Ltd.
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